“Production” means use for any purpose other than the purposes specified below for Pre-Production and Development. A Production instance includes an instance that is running in standby mode.

“Pre-Production” means use solely for QA, staging, end-user testing or other non-development pre-production purposes.

“Development” means use solely by developers testing code or use solely in a sandbox environment that is not accessed or in any way used by users of the production system. Development usage of Axon Server and Axon Data protection is part of all AxonIQ subscriptions without any additional cost.

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Development support

We love event-driven projects and helping customers. Our team of skilled Java developers and software architects trained in Axon products offers high-tech support helping the projects to move fast. AxonIQ developers will help by step-by-step guiding, troubleshooting, architectural audits, or guiding you through the design and implementations of any Axon project. Already before your project is getting momentum. We like to be there with you when you start thinking about the project to get a successful outcome.

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Learn the fundamentals of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and the concepts related to the Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS) architectural pattern. Get started quickly with Axon, the Java development framework which enables rapid CQRS-based application development and improves your skills in the advanced course on how to use Axon in a distributed environment, and how to deal with the evolution of an application.

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