The Axon platform offers an innovative and powerful way of sensibly evolving to event-driven Microservices within a Microservices architecture (MSA). The Axon platform has roots in the well-established CQRS pattern (Command Query Responsibility Separation) and Event Sourcing architectural patterns as well as the DDD (Domain Driven Design) concepts. Want to learn more about these concepts from DDD, to Microservices, to CQRS to event sourcing? Join one of our webinars or training. Or contact us to learn how Axon can help.

Domain Driven Design (DDD) with Axon

Event Sourcing with Axon Framework

CQRS with Axon Platform

Check out other Axon related topics in our blog overview section such as:

Set Based Consistency Validation
How do I consistently validate consistency among a set in such a system?

From Model to Code: Event Modeling & Axon Framework
How do I design an application? What’s the process like? Where do I even begin?!

High Availability with AxonServer and Axon Framework
The “art” of making a system deal with local failures in a way that enables it to limit the impact of the failures.

Axon and Kafka - How does Axon compare to Apache Kafka?
What do Axon and Kafka have in common? And what sets them apart? This blog from VJ will tell you all about it.

Running Axon Server - Going from local developer install to full-featured cluster in the cloud
Bert tells you all about Axon Server and what the difference is between Axon Server Standard Edition (open for everyone, free to use) and Axon Server Enterprise Edition, offering a full range of support and scaling options. Location transparency being the number one feature of Axon Server.
Better business functionality using Event Streaming, Multi-Context Support and more
Steven shares the key benefits of migrating to Axon 4 and explains what 10 years of continuous improvements has resulted into. In order to focus more and more on business functionality of your application.

Why would I need a specialized Event Store?
Axon Framework give numerous options when it comes to storing your events and works like clockwork in combination with Axon Server as event store and message delivery system.

Strangling a monolith with Axon server
The process of transforming large legacy monoliths into decoupled, scalable microservices systems is more complex than can be imagined. In this blog we will explain how to strangle a monolith using Axon Server.

Bounded contexts with Axon
Bounded Context is a strategic concept in Domain Driven Design, read here how Axon deals with Bounded Contexts in a few different ways.

Some CQRS and Event sourcing Pitfalls
In this blog you can read about five common pitfalls you need to avoid in CQRS and Event Sourcing systems. Paying insufficient attention to event modeling or to aggregate boundaries, ignoring event serialization, relying on synchronicity, normalizing projections.

How to write an Axon application?
Axon is heavily inspired by domain-driven design (DDD). For an Axon application, this means the following: a clearly separated area of your source code (like a package or sub-project) should be devoted to implementing your domain model, and nothing else.

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